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May 19, 2017

Rummy White Label

GameLabels has built innovative and unique online rummy software platform with complete set of features, taking players experience to next level. With years of technology expertise in gaming industry, we provide customizable online gaming solution that appeal to all rummy game owners.

The success of our rummy software gaming solution paved the way for us to surge ahead to offer our clients an incredible gaming solution. Today, GameLabels offer an online rummy platform and also poker software. We guide you through each step after delivery of your project and help you in growing your business.

Our vision continues to keep developing market-leading gaming solutions.

What’s the specialty in GameLabels rummy gaming platform:

  • Our innovative online rummy platform is a single page app providing dynamic user interface, allowing players to experience easy navigation with the best UI components and design.
  • It includes popular rummy games (Leagues rummy, Pool rummy, Points rummy, Deals rummy) and various tournament types (Freeroll & cash)
  • The most reliable and authorized rummy platform with authorized gaming standards.
  • We provide great multi-lingual support, allowing gamers to communicate and interact in different formats and translated versions on par with the universal playing standards.
  • Excellent live chat support that will facilitate direct interaction between our CS agent and players.
  • Strong technology based backoffice tools for operating functions of players and games. Get the data on tables, users and revenue with the use of modern & custom report tools.
  • Designed with best fraud detection systems to safeguard rummy rooms and players private information. These systems may compete with ones that the industry leaders use.
  • Hassle free infrastructure reflecting the concept ‘Instant Play, No Download’ for all rummy playing needs
  • Player Information security: Password encryption is built with SHA1 algorithm.
    All the player documents are stored in a central database with right encryption. The player’s information is encapsulated over 2 way SSL authentication for best security.
  • It is inbuilt with strong functioning server that features multi-server scalability and malfunction protection.
  • Rummy platform is well-integrated with familiar payment transaction systems, API integration.

Featured with 24/7 support technical support

Desktop Client

The desktop client is the best solution for real cash rummy games. GameLabels rummy software platform consists of native clients of windows and macOS which provide great support for all multi-language features, auto-updates, various tournament types, cash games etc.

Web Client

Make your rummy players feel comfortable without any downloading hassles and allow them to play from anywhere. To make this happen, web client is an ideal option. GameLabels rummy gaming platform is available in flash and HTML5 versions. The functionality will be same as downloadable client’s version and is supported with Google Analytics integration, quality audio and video chat support, and more.

GameLabels rummy platform we offer is the most flexible, efficient, and reliable server solution. It improves performance and help to seamlessly run workloads. It strongly protects from malfunctions, outages and provides quality rummy games 24/7.

GameLabels Rummy server features:

API integration: HTML5, Core java supported.

Complex security options: System logging, email integration, IP detection and optional player account activation.

Variable system settings: Rake size, jackpot settings, buy-in for all tables and tournaments changing, table speed.

Tournament parameters: prize distribution, auto-balancing for tournaments and tables, automatic creation of new Sit N Go tournaments when a previous starts.

GameLabels back office software is extremely effective to manage rummy players, tables and tournaments. The information related to users, rake, profits and room growth is available at manager.

Main back office features:

  • Management of players: Seamless management of players in real time. Edit profiles, restrict spammers, maintain avatars, and manage communication with users from custom lists.
  • Effective Management of affiliates: Add new and edit existing affiliate’s data, get extensive money reports.
  • Change Settings: Configure bonus options and also view history.
  • Easy extendibility: The architecture is easily extendable to include new games
  • Manage Poker tables & Tournaments: View gaming history, tournament winning results, and add new ones
  • Manage transactions: Get detailed reports on players on player purchase transactions, rake data, available amount, player’s amount, tables rake, and also information on player ins and outs.
  • Social features: Bonus package for purchase, prize gifts, achievements, and levels
  • Efficient management of promotions: View and manage reports, redeem codes, rake back and set deposit bonuses.
  • Easy generation of custom reports: Track list of names with a birthday tomorrow, list transactions for particular hours, chat log for any user, etc.
  • High Level Security: Usage of high-end anti-fraud monitoring tools and efficiently manage IP restrictions