Frequently Asked Questions about Rummy White Label Solutions

We come up with answers for some of the frequently asked questions by enthusiastic entrepreneurs who realized the benefits of choosing rummy white label solutions to build their online rummy portal.

Following are the most frequently asked questions about rummy white label solutions:

What are the legalities associated with owning an online rummy portal?

Owning or playing online rummy in India is legal and has been declared as the game of skill by the Honorable Supreme Court of the country.

Is the gaming license mandatory to operate online rummy portal?

Yes! The appropriate licensing is mandatory for an online rummy business to run because it provides a sound legal basis to market and operates your online portal globally.

What kind of assistance comes with the solution package?

When you buy our rummy white label solution, you can avail our full technical and host support for a period of time as stipulated by the license or package you choose.

How long does it take to reach the market once I purchase the solution?

Merely it takes about one week but any customization as per your requirements or legal delays take additional time in some cases.

Can I delete or control over what variants to run on my portal?

As you own it, you have complete command over all the variants of the game to run or delete at any time without any additional charge.

In how many languages does the portal support?

The international language, English is the default language on our software. On the other hand, we provide support for other major regional languages. Contact us for more details.

How you ensure me when it comes to the reliability of the solution?

The Online Rummy White Label Solution from Gamelabels is fully certified by a proven industry leader. Our product is regularly audited by independent certifications to reach required standards for integrity and security.

If you have a question that is not covered in this blog, then please feel free to contact and ask our support team.

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